Review: The Lobster Bar v. 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods

This is the first post in my newly revamped blog, hope you guys like the new look and organization!

This month while browsing Instagram I came across a post on 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods in Taipei. A small restaurant focused on lobster rolls and lobster-centric dishes. This got me real excited as I do occasionally crave a good New England style lobster roll. I went and had their lobster roll set meal and posted it to Instagram and Facebook and was quickly informed of another lobster roll place in town called The Lobster Bar. Naturally, I found time to go check it out as well.

Generally speaking, both places are quite pricey for Taiwan standards and for what you actually get, very low CP Value. I assume its in large part due to lack of competition and their imported lobsters (which for me is not all that necessary as Taiwanese lobsters can be just as good). Then again lobster rolls in general are not a cheap eat, Luke’s Lobster in NYC (one of my favorite bites in New York), is not all that cheap either. But its a tough decision between the two in my opinion. The Lobster Bar has a nice atmosphere (dark wood tones with exposed tungsten bulbs, you know the common trend these days) plus a bar and more refined food that tastes only a tad better than 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods. But really at NT$730 ($22) for a lobster roll set that only comes with a small portion of fries, that’s really overpriced.

Lobster Bar’s Fried Truffle seafood balls
Lobster Bar’s Lobster Roll with fries

On the other hand 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods has better value for what you get in a more down-to-earth environment (it feels like it could be a seaside eatery in San Diego or Cape Cod). The truffle lobster roll set that came with a small salad, small lobster-bisque and fries came down to around NT$569 ($17.44); note that it includes two things The Lobster Bar doesnt include. The 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods menu features more variety with their lobster rolls from regular to truffle to cheese and more.

Lobster.Foods’ small salad and lobster bisque
Lobster.Foods’ Truffle lobster roll with fries

At both places I would say the portion of lobster in the rolls was not generous nor was it stingy, it was more or less expected. The service at both were friendly, Lobster Bar was a bit on the slow side and the bartenders seemed to have been in a bit of a fight as they were passive-aggressively arguing with each other as I sat at the bar and chowed down my roll (they were still very friendly and professional when it came to attending my needs as a guest though).

Perhaps I should put it like this, would I return to any of these two places? Probably not, but if you really want a good New England/ North American lobster roll then either works, just depends on what you are looking for.

Nice ambiance, good drinks, slightly better tasting food and dont mind paying for overpriced things: The Lobster Bar.

Fairly good food, more options for lobster rolls, better value for your time and money, no bar (though beers are available), chill atmosphere, but probably need to reserve a table: 龍波斯特Lobster.Foods.

Any other places in town for good old lobster roll?


The Lobster Bar:

Closed Mondays

Tues-Thu: 5PM-11PM; Friday: 5PM-12AM; Sat.: 11AM-12AM; Sunday: 11AM-10PM

1st floor #17 Lane 116, Daan Road, Taipei, Taiwan

02-27710333, accepts reservations

Cards accepted

Closest MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing, blue and brown line



Mon.-Sun 11AM-9PM

#4 Lane 106, LongJiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan (Next to the Westin Taipei)

02-25067676, reservations recommended

Cards accepted

Closest MRT is Nanjing Fuxing station, green and brown line.


Happy Eating,


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