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I’m Gary, a foodie, travel addict, and aviation enthusiast. Check out this post on PaperclipJenn  wherein I am featured and offer more details and insights into my intended approach to travel and my posts.

So far, I’ve traveled through 99 nations, and continue to seek adventures to new ones. I invite you to join me in life changing experiences on my various adventures and travels. To taste the wonders of my many food expeditions. I continue to expand on my culinary education through mind-blowing gourmet restaurants to the truly soulful and best kept secrets of a local bite to eat or hole in the wall. From the bar hops of a hostel to the restful spa of an Aman. I would also like to share some insights to traveling and food experiences as I travel deeper in my home countries and when discovering new places.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, I hope to bring you insights, thoughts and experiences on the many wonders of our world from the old to the modern, from the natural to man made. As well as reviews of best bites to grab (be they hole in the walls or Michelin starred meccas), and great places to slumber (be they hostels or luxurious properties).

Join me as I continue exploring the many corners of our globe and make connect the dots through the people I meet, food I eat and places I stay.

Nowadays my travels are often spontaneous weekend getaways to various countries and cities. I’ll be offering my last minute itineraries and tips in a new “Weekend Trip Series.”

For more frequent updates with short thoughts, follow me on Instagram @gastronomictraveler! Please feel free to share your travel, food and aviation adventures with #gastronomictraveler on Instagram.

Happy Exploring!

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  1. Peri says:

    enjoyed reading about the Kirpinar festival, do you need to buy a ticket in advance?

    1. yes, but not far in advance, I got my tickets about 1 to 2 weeks before I went. you can get them online or a billetix offices in Istanbul.

  2. Wina says:

    have you ever visited the W hotel in Taipei?

    1. I have been to the W Taipei. I have never stayed there though. They have a very nice bar and pool. The food is mediocre. But from what I’ve heard and read staying there is quite nice. it’s also a great location. hope this helps!

  3. sahithi says:

    We loved this restaurant that you highly recommended and the fig martini! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  4. John M. Pelchat says:

    We truly enjoyed your blog about your adventure to the Turks and Caicos as we are preparing for a trip there. The images were very good and got the conversation going about what cameras to bring. We have used SLR’s for decades but were wondering what camera(s) you used on Salt Cay. Do you have any recommendations for cameras, particularly models suitable for snorkeling (and fingers crossed) encounters with whales? Thank you for your blog and any ideas you could share with respect to photography.

    1. Hi John,

      My underwater images / all my whale snorkeling images are from my GoPro Hero 8 Black. A handful from my Pixel 6 phone.
      Images of of scenery taken on dry land are a mix of phone + Fujifilm XT-100 mirrorless.

      For the whale/ water activities I highly recommend a GoPro.

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