Assalam Alay Kum Morocco!!

Assalam Alay Kum (Hello in Arabic) Everyone!

We just docked safely at the Port of Casablanca!! Our first port of the semester!!

I am so excited to explore this country.

But first we are currently waiting for a diplomat to give us a briefing of Morocco. I believe he is the economic person at the US Consulate in Morocco. After this briefing and after customs has cleared the ship we will be allowed to disembark the ship and begin our explorations!

I must say I just started getting used to the rocking of the ship and now we are completely still, at first I found myself wakling a bit sideways and my mind kept seeing the ship sway even though we were still. Im not sure what it will be like for me once I touched solid ground, hopefully the locals wont think we’re a shipload of drunk American students swaying from side to side!!

I am doing the following in Morocco:
Day 1: An FDP for my Vernacular architecture class: Sacred Spaces of Casablanca, which includes a visit to the grand Hassan II Mosque.
Day 2-3: I will be visiting Volubilis, an ancient Roman town, and Fes, apparently the best kept secret of Morocco because few tourists visit it and it is considered one of the best preserved medieval Islamic cities in the world! It also has the world’s largest market apparently which will be very interesting!
Day 4: my friend and I are planning to take a train to Rabat, only an hour away from Casablanca, and just explore the capital city of Morocco before we rush back to board the ship.

I am also looking forward to trying some Tagine, Moroccan Mint Tea, Almond Shakes, Avacado shakes, kebabs, couscous, and escargot! Oh and I might make a touristy stop at Rick’s Cafe…just “for old time’s sake.”

I shall have more updates as I travel through the Kingdom of Morocco in the next 4 days!!!

Till next time!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. annedirilgen says:

    Drink lots of mint tea, you will never have it as good as you do in Morocco!

  2. paperclipjenn says:

    awesome! what is rick’s cafe, you and your friend should travel safely if you guys are going to take a train by yourself and try to make it back to the ship on time. have fun.

  3. Ken Yeh says:

    Hope you enjoy Fees. I loved it when I visited Morocco 14 years ago. It is a wonderful country. Pity that you only sty for 4 days.

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