Hello Ghana!

Hi All,

Well we docked safely earlier in Tema, Ghana!

We were welcomed by a local drumming group who performed song after song in a very festive and spiritual way. What a nice way to be welcomed to Ghana!

I am currently waiting for the people from Winneba to arrive, unfortunately they are stuck in traffic so we are behind schedule. But nonetheless I am excited to meet them and chat with them and am even more excited to visit their village/ town later today and tomorrow!

From the first impressions here at Tema, Ghana, I think I’m going to enjoy Ghana! The Tema port is definitely a lot busier than Casablanca and from the looks of it Tema seems to have a cleaner and friendlier feeling than Casablanca. Then again this is only the feeling I am getting by looking out the windows of the ship.

I shall keep you posted on my adventures in Ghana soon!


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  1. Kwame says:

    Can’t wait for your updates, Gary!

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