Hi All,

We have just docked in Cape Town, South Africa!!!

[Featured Image]: Sunrise as we pulled into port.

Our first port where there are no containers or cranes, rather a nice hotel right outside our ship with a nice water front!!

it has been around 9.5 years since the one and only time I visited South Africa, and I am so excited to be back, because it was my favorite country for the longest time after my trip!

I have lots planned, many are things I did not do last time, and some are so that I can recall the things I dont remember quite that well from last time.

Day1: City Orientation, and checking out Cape Town nightlife.
Day 2: Footsteps to Freedom and Streetwires walk, and Robben Island
Day 3: If its early enough I will be going to watch Desmond Tutu give his sunday surmon, and I will be Whale Watching
Day 4-6: Safari to Kapama, and this is the day we are meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the ship!!!

Updates shall follow soon, and I hope I can finally get some photos on my blog from my first 3 ports here as there is more reliable wifi around.


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