Voyage update

Hi All,

Before I post an update on Mauritius, which by the way is a very beautiful island, I just wanted to give you an update on our trip around the world.

So the Treasury Department has not yet granted us our license to go to Cuba, they have not denied it nor have they granted it, apparently they are very backed up and just have not gotten to us. But they have asked ISE (Institute of Shipboard Education, the parent company of SAS), to make a decision of an alternate and official new port in place of Cuba by this week, and the alternate port has always been Guatemala.

So unfortunately as of now we will not be going to Cuba, which is quite sad for many of us because as US passport holders it is basically impossible to go to Cuba unless you are under an academic sponsor and are there specifically for academic purposes. I am still excited to be able to go to Guatemala, but I have heard it is extremely dangerous and that scares me a bit, and I was more excited to go to Cuba.

Anyways, prayers and fingers crossed that we get that license and that we go as planned to Havana, Cuba.


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