Good Morning, Vietnam!

Hello Everyone!

We have just docked in Ho Chi Minh City, or formerly known as Saigon in Vietnam!

How exciting, I have lots planned and am looking forward to this country as it is the favorite one among many of the faculty and staff who have been here before.

I am going to walk around Saigon, then go to the Cu Chi Tunnels, then take a 3 day trip to visit the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia! Then I will do a day trip to the Mekong Delta, and spend more time exploring Saigon.

I am sorry for the extremely slow updates these days. The days between ports are getting shorter yet there is a lot more work to complete, and my desktop got wiped clean and that is where I saved all of my photos and semesteratsea items, so I spent a few days reorganizing things and being a bit bummed out about that, though thankfully i did not delete any photos from my camera! Phew!

I hope to catch up on India, Malaysia and Vietnam soon!


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