What a great and inspirational graduation speech delivered to the graduating class of 2004 from my high school.

Springy Sprouts

There are people  you will meet in life that know you upon your first meeting. These people are often a bit or a lot older and they dramatically change the way you think and feel, and influence greatly the trajectory of your life. You were one thing before and afterwards you’re change and different, as if the shades were pulled back on your eyes or a layer of the onion that is the universe was peeled away revealing more complexity and depth than ever before.

Not only that, there is something kindred about them, particularly their eyes. It’s as if they recognize you wholly or perhaps you are completely open to them and so such a visceral connection can be forged.

And here is one who is so dear to my heart.


Grad speech 2004

The 46 of you who have been with me for two years probably think…

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