Atilla’s Getaway Hostel

If you are planning on visiting Ephesus, Pamukkale or basically anywhere within a 5 hour drive from Selcuk, then you really should consider making Atilla’s Getaway as your home base for your journeys.

And that’s exactly what it feels like when you stay at Atilla’s, home.

The quaint resort-like hostel is about a 5 minute drive outside of Selcuk’s busier town center. They offer complimentary shuttles to the Selcuk Otogar (bus station) from which you can catch buses to Istanbul, Izmir Otogar or Izmir Airport. But that’s just the beginning. What makes Atilla’s truly amazing is the service from their friendly, welcoming and English speaking staff. Everyone there wears a smile and is very willing to help/ answer any questions you have.

The Pool area of Atilla's
The Pool area of Atilla’s

The value is beyond great. For 17 Euros per person, the 6 of us split into two bungalows with shared showers and toilets, and this rate included breakfast and dinner. Breakfast saw a selection of 6 dishes that came with tea and coffee, the french toast was delicious. Dinner changes daily and is tasty home cooked meals. There were plenty of options to lounge about, which created a very relaxing environment. The showers, toilets, swimming pool, rooms, sheets…etc are all very clean and well maintained.

Dinner at Atilla's
Dinner at Atilla’s
The bar.
The bar.

Having stayed at various beach resorts, I can honestly say this is more than just a hostel, it IS a resort. The manager, Dilek, is not only a manager but pretty much your go-to travel agent for all of Turkey. She helped us arrange a 100TL day tour of Pamukkale and even helped us book a hostel and hot air balloon ride for Cappadocia at discounted rates for the following weekend. In fact, we pretty much just asked her a whole bunch of questions about our next destinations in Turkey, and in response to most of them she said she knew a person or two who owned a good hostel or ran good tours. She also knows a local carpet shop owner named Lilly who sells high quality rugs for very very reasonable and affordable prices. The owner, Atilla, an Aussie Turk is quite chill and will join guests for some pool, conversations and Nargile (Hookah).

All the guests that stay here are also all very friendly, outgoing and willingly exchange travel stories. Its not just for backpackers, there were families as well, and why not? The staff go out of their way to treat everyone like family!

The only downside of this otherwise perfect hostel was that it would have been great if the water pressure from some of the shower-heads in the shared showers were much stronger, there seemed to be only one shower that offered enough water pressure to really get everything off.

So honestly, if you are heading to Ephesus and/ or staying at Selcuk for a longer period of time, dont think twice, email Dilek and book yourself a room/ bungalow/ or dorm at Atilla’s Getaway, trust me you will feel relaxed and at home after hours of touring, and you may end up planning the rest of your journey through Turkey/ receive special rates for certain hostels/ activities/ tours!

Also note that within the resort they do not use cash, but rather a token system which you’d need for drinks, unused tokens can be cashed in at the end of your stay.

Atilla’s Getaway:

Acarlar Koyu, Selçuk 35920, Turkey


Tel: +90 (0) 232 892 3847

Fax: +90 (0) 232 892 3848

Safe travels,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like an awesome place to stay and for a great price! It’s always nice coming across hostels like these that offer so much.

  2. Jackie says:

    We stayed here for 2 nights in June. We stayed in the quad room with our two little girls. It was SO MUCH FUN! They were so helpful, arranged a bus to pick us up for Pammukale and the meals were DELISIOUS!

    1. I agree! a wonderful place to stay.

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