A great analysis on Culturalism and how we deploy cultural analysis

In light of last week’s crash of Asiana flight OZ214 at SFO, there have been many “claims” from journalists that the crash could be linked to Korean culture which is why it lead to the pilot error that lead to the preventable crash. Even though the NTSB said it could take over a year to determine the actual cause of the crash, it seems everyone is already pointing fingers. Now, there is no doubt that pilot error was part of the cause, as I believe the crash was very much preventable (unless there was some mechanical problem that they have yet to uncover), but was the pilot error a result of Korean Culture as suggested by Malcom Gladwell in his book “The Outliers”? Its hard to say, but the following blog post from a blogger called Ask A Korean on blogspot offers a great and in depth analysis on this question.

The post:


It is a great read, and shed light into an aspect of journalism as well as societies that is too often overlooked or unaddressed.


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