Exploring the World through Food with Gastronomic Traveler

Happy New Year to all!! Cautiously optimistic that by the end of this year things will begin to show signs of return to normalcy and we can hopefully all begin to hit the road to explore the wonders of the world again!

I figured I’d start the new year with a post less about a trip/journey/restaurant/experience but more about me in general. I dont really like writing about myself so there hasnt always been much on here about my own perspectives and the intents/way I try to approach my posts and travels in general. However, recently I was interviewed by my sister for her wellness, lifestyle and events portal and website PaperclipJenn.

In it I discuss what inspired me to travel and what it is about food that so intrigues and capsulated me. I also briefly talk about how I approach my posts and what I try to look for in traveling and what I try to highlight in my writing. Not always 100% adhered to, but the word here is try, or so I hope.

Anyhow, without more of my own rumblings, please find the link below and hopefully it brings more light into this page. Its a bit long as I tend to mumble on and on. But nonetheless hope you enjoy.


Stay Safe, Stay Positive,


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