Review: Guild House Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, which I might add having finally visited is quite a underrated food city in America, consider staying or having part of your stay include The Guild House Hotel


It is an amazing boutique hotel in the heart of Philly. One that pays perfect and respectable homage to the history of its locale and building whilst modernizing it to fit current needs. All that is reflected in the design and aesthetics. Not only that it keeps to the ethos of its history. The history? The house was the home of The New Century Guild in the late 19th century into the 20th century. A society for women and the house was a refuge for women to gather, exchange ideas, eat even. Pioneers of the suffragette movement and more were all a part of this. So, the hotel owners sought an all-female design firm to help reimagine and curate each uniquely designed room that pays homage to particular members of the guild. Many amenities and products are locally sourced from businesses owned by either women or people of color as well. The design is very tasteful. Use of real antiques mixed with modern touches/accents as well as some mid-century/art-deco furniture makes for an over all very warm and full of character ambiance.

The Lounge seating


Lounge self-service water station

The hotel utilizes an “invisible service’ concept which helps make the hotel feel like your own home / very private. There is no front desk, reception, concierge or visible staff of any kind, you only see the house keeper in the morning and early afternoon. The rest of the service is done via text or email. For the most part, efficient and very responsive. Occasionally a bit lagging for more immediate needs. But still quite thoughtful and proactive a lot of the times. Confirming if you require turn down service, room touch up. Before you arrive, you fill out a guest form, and can even select the type of coffee you want in your room (french press? Chemex? instant?). You access your room, the main entrance and storage closet via codes on a lockpad. There is not plastic bottles here. So you fill up glass water bottles at their filtered water stations or bring your own reusable bottles! There is no room service or anything like that, but you really dont need it as Philly’s amazing food scene is just outside the door. There is a common area on the first floor, a nice lounge space for reading, not so ideal for work as there is a lack of outlets and no public restrooms (only in rooms, though if you really need one, the houeskeeper is kind enough to let you use one of the empty rooms or the rooms she has yet to attend to).


Rooms are well appointed. Bathrooms come with great products, soft towels and bathrobes. Bedside come with ear plugs (you’ll need it, especially on weekends when the area gets loud with the various bars and clubs), as well as USB, USB-C and regular outlet chargers. Your coffee, water bottles, cookies and snacks are set for you. Table reading materials including the Guild House book detailing the design and inspiration of each room and the history, and a canned wine in your mini bar. The bed is plush, comfortable and just the right balance of firm/soft. I booked the Eliza Room, a junior suite, and inspired by/name after the found of the New Century Guild and housed in the former library space of the house.


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and would recommend for anyone wanting a historic, boutique, private and secluded refuge yet within easy walking to all that Philly has to offer to stay here. I was very impressed in their response to my Google maps review that they remembered the local spots I had asked them about / was unable to go to, they hoped I’d return to visit those places!

Guild House Hotel

1307 Locust St | Philadelphia, PA 19107

Bon Voyage,


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