2011 Skytrax Airline Awards

A few days a ago Skytrax, the well known group that ranks and awards airlines based on customer reviews and also their own reviews, released their awards for 2011.

The best airline of 2011 went to Qatar Airways, taking the crown away from Singapore Airlines who has constantly won this prestigious title. The top five are: 1)Qatar 2)Singapore 3) Asiana Airlines 4) Cathay Pacific and 5) Thai Airways.

Having been on 3 out of the 5 I can say that I quite agree that Singapore, Cathay and Thai deserved spots in the top 5, as they are some of the best airlines I’ve flown on. Though I really really would like to try Asiana and Qatar. Asiana won airline of the year a few years back and this year they won the best cabin crew and a few years in a row they have won best economy class. I really want to experience and see what it takes to have the title of best economy class, after all we tend to think we are only going to get a few selection of drinks and small crackers back there. And Qatar prides itself as being the “World’s 5 Star Airline,” and it is one of the few airlines to have a 5 star ranking along with Singapore, Asiana, Cathay, Kingfisher Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and  Hainan Airlines. I can see why Singapore, Cathay and Malaysia are 5 star airlines, because flying with them is just such a stress-free experience and is really what travel should be like.

The best economy class catering went to Thai, which makes me want to fly them sometime again, and see if they serve up some nice Pad Thai or Chicken Satay in economy class, that would gain my vote. Most of the time food in economy class is really bad, but I am willing to bet that Thai does serve delicious food in economy class, after all you cant really go that wrong with Thai food.

The world’s best airport went to Hong Kong International, followed by Singapore Changi and Seoul Incheon. Definitely 3 of my favorite airports, again they allow for the ease of traveling and allows you to relax even if your flight has been delayed.

There are loads more of awards that Skytrax gives out each year, and its always interesting to see how the top 5 in each category are usually the same airlines, many of which I really hope to fly with one day and really see why they get so much praise for their products.

here is a link to skytrax: http://www.airlinequality.com/

and a recent ad for Qatar Airways: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2cUmayO2s8

and an ad for Hainan Airlines, the newest 5 star airline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGu8_Lqb_BY

Well next time you travel, remember to take into consideration these airlines, though often times their tickets are more expensive, remember that you are paying for what you get, and sometimes its OK to spoil yourself with good service for a relaxing flight, and as I said in my previous sometimes its not worth saving every penny, though if you had to Air Asia won the world’s best low cost carrier award, and it has been doing that for many years, followed by JetStar Airways and Virgin America, so there are a few cheap flights out there that come with quality as well.

I hope all of your travel experiences are stress-free and relaxing, and hopefully we can all experience that 5 Star airline service that was so prevalent back in the golden age of air travel.

Bon Voyage!


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