Moroccan Food!

Moroccan food is really delicious.

I ate Tagine at almost every meal along with couscous and mint tea. Tagine is the stew that is made with either lamb, pigeon, chicken, beef or just vegetables and is stewed with vegetables or dried fruits such as prunes and dates. It is stewed in the Tagine pot, the famous image of Moroccan cuisine. I did not eat single Tagine that tasted bad, though the first one I ate in Casablanca was a little on the dry side and didn’t feel very stewy. But I will also say that I need a break from Tagines, as good as they are, I think it would have lost its magic if I had continued to eat it for literally every meal.

Couscous often came after they served the Tagine, and I don’t think couscous has ever tasted as good as it tasted in Morocco. I used to find couscous flavorless and not so exciting to eat. But in Morocco it was delicious, cooked with raisons, olives, and lots of vegetables and sometimes meat. Sweet and salty and not dry like many of the couscous dishes I have had in the past.

I also tasted Bastilla. A pastry dish filled with either pigeon or chicken mixed with saffron, onions, and many other ingredients to give a very sweet and slightly salty filling. The taste was a cross between a Samosa and a Curry Puff, it was more sweet than salty. The ones we had looked like Samosas but traditional version is a big round pastry. Bastillas were really really good, and I wish I had more of it but at least I can savor the mouthwatering taste of it from the only one I had to eat.

During one of our lunches we got a Moroccan salad. It was a large plate with corn and veggie mixed rice in the center surrounded by sautéed vegetables. It was a refreshing way to being our meal. Another appetizer we had one day was an array of small dishes, mainly sautéed vegetables and mixed salads which we ate with Moroccan bread.

The drinks in Morocco all tasted great, especially Moroccan Mint Tea. I preferred it when sugar was optional or was given to you to add yourself because the sugarless or less sugar form of the tea had a stronger mint aroma and thus the tea tasted better. Though the sweet version was easier to drink. I will definitely be missing the scent of mint as I walked along the streets, and the aroma of mint in the amazing mint tea. I had a taste of Moroccan beer, specifically one called Casablanca, it was actually quite smooth and good, better than many American brands. I also drank some Moroccan wine produced in Meknes, which was also quite tasty.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to try avocado shake or almond shake or kebabs. Though I hear the avocado shake is quite difficult to process, and not many people were fans of it.

Anyways, the least you can do next time you are in Morocco is start with some sugarless mint tea, followed by Bastilla and the vegetable appetizers and bread. And top off the meal with a Tagine along with either Casablanca beer or wine from Meknes.

Until next time, Bon Apetite!


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