Hey All,

Sorry for the extreme delay in updates, and news from the Asian ports.

Currently we are crossing the pacific, and today it has been rocking, shaking and turbulent unlike any other day we have had. In fact the ocean has sprayed on to the top decks of the ship, which has never happened before.

Another update is
due to a US Department warning on safety and security for travel to Guatemala, we are now going to Honduras instead which is nice but sad too because I got all excited about the Tikal Mayan Ruins that I signed up to visit in Guatemala. But Honduras will be equally exciting Im sure. And still no update on our license for Cuba though by this point I doubt we will get it.

Just a quick note, in order to get you the updates ASAP I will be posting using mainly bullet points or short sentences now rather than the long essay like entries from previous entries.

Hopefully the pacific with smooth out in the 18 day crossing (9 days from Japan to Hawaii, and 9 days from Hawaii to Costa Rica).

See you!

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