100 Day Mark

Hi Everyone,

Once again I must apologize for the slow updates recently.

Finals are coming up and so are papers that need to be handed in. Once that is done with I shall be updating the site with key memories and experiences from India to Costa Rica and Honduras, oh! and of course of the experience of crossing the Panama Canal aboard the ship.

Anyways I just wanted to make an entry today because it marks the 100th day of our 111 day voyage around the world. Even though Fort Lauderdale (where we disembark for good) is not exactly on the same longitute and latitude as Montreal, where we started, I still see it as a full circumnavigation of the world.

There have been low points, and high points but overall it has been once heck of an experience. I will do a reflection entry after I disembark and the voyage is officially over.

We had our Alumini Ball last night, which is pretty much the “prom” of semester at sea each semester. Granted its prom minus the dates. The theme was “Bollywood Night” and to go with that theme I added a turban that I bought in Jaipur to my suit. It was a nice night, we had good food, a dance party, and a slideshow of memories. The most exciting thing though was the premiere of the Lipdub that the entire shipboard community participated in. It is the first lipdub to be done at sea, and as such our videographer who produced and directed it named it the “Seadub.” It is intended to be a promotional video for Semester at Sea but to me it is more of a memory video and is one of the rare times I have felt as part of a whole family that makes of the Fall 2011 Voyage.

It should be up on youtube and the semesterstasea website (www.semesteratsea.org) soon. Please do check it out!!! It is a really great lipdub, and Im not just saying that because I’m in it ;). If you are to try youtube I might recommend some key search terms: semesteratsea lipdub, seadub, semester at sea fall 2011 voyage or simply semester at sea.

For the meantime, and in preparation for our next port coming up in 2 days:

Hasta luego mis amigos!

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