Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue at sea today

Hey Guys,

So today a student had a medical emergency, it was said to be apendecidis, her appendix was either swollen or it burst, but either way she needed immediate medical attention and so we sped up and change our course a bit. At 1pm the Coast Guard sent a helicopter and a plane to come perform a rescue operation!

It was amazing and it was like a scene right out of the movie “The Guardian.”

The helicopter lowered a man down on to the aft of deck 7, near the pool. Then the helicopter circled the ship before lowering a basket. The student was lifted up in the basket on to the helicopter and the rescuer was then hoisted up as well before they all flew away. It was completed very smoothly and quickly, despite the strong winds we experienced today.

It was quite amazing to watch. The student will be ok as she is now being treated in the Florida Keys.

It was a moment to be proud that we have a coast guard that is so professional in the states.


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