Food for Thought: One’s next adventure: North Korea (DPRK)? I say Yes.

I was browsing through some where to go in 2015 lists across a few different travel publications and came across one that listed North Korea. North Korea has always been in the back of my mind. While most countries, especially here in the United States, highly discourage and even make taboo of a visit to North Korea, it seems like such a fascinating and frankly misunderstood place. There have been countless documentaries of people who have visited North Korea trying to get a glimpse into the real DPRK as well as analytical documentaries of how the tours there are mere propaganda. Regardless, it seems to me like such a unique experience you cannot get anywhere else. There is something to be said about discovering a country to isolated and mysterious that no one ever really knows what goes on, or who North Koreans actually are.

That all being said, here is the article from one of my favorite travel magazine, Afar magazine:

I believe traveling to North Korea really cant impact the way we see the world and understand our world, both the good and the bad of whatever society, government or culture we come from and/or are used to. If travel allows you to gain perspective and understanding and respect for our world, its people, and its cultures, then shouldnt we open our minds to even the most closed off parts of it?

Hopefully one day I will be able to sign up for an organized tour to North Korea. And i do look forward to the day i do.

May your wanderlust take you far.


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