23 Year Road Trip, Spanning 177 Countries, a True Wanderlust Fairytale

Hi All,

I came across this story and video today of a man named Gunther Holtorf, who recently completed a 23 year long road trip across 177 countries on a Mercedes Benz G Wagon he aptly named Oto. He started off with his wife, who sadly passed away a few years ago but she insisted that Gunther continue on without her and that she would watch over him.

Here is the video itself:

Honestly, what an inspiring story and really shows what traveling can do for oneself and the world. You open your eyes to so much and gain such a profound understanding and realize that at the end of the day no matter what race, gender, religion, political views…etc we have, we are all humans and we share this planet together. (Pardon the slight triteness of this but its true). And traveling by road can give you access to so many magical places you might never have seen on a regular tour or travel book.

I also think its great that they bought and cooked food along the way. Imagine all the fresh, sometimes bizarre local ingredients you might come across. And the amazing flavors you could create by cooking on your own. This might be one of the coolest ways to discover a local culture’s cuisine. They may have even gotten help from some local friends they made along the way to cook some local dishes and learn about the local cultures and histories in very personal way and perspective.

I hope to perhaps one day embark on a similar journey, perhaps in multiple parts.

Dream Big,


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