Review: Paris 1930 Winter Black Truffle Tasting at the Ritz Landis Taipei

Last week we had dinner at the Paris 1930 Restaurant in the Ritz Landis Hotel, Taipei. They currently have their limited time Winter Black Truffle Tasting menu. The 11 course menu came down to around NTD$4200 (USD$125) per person without wine, which is more expensive than their usual offering and definitely expensive in Taipei but rather affordable in the global standard of truffle tasting menus. As I have mentioned before in my review of Restaurant Ephernite, Paris 1930 is a very good gourmet French fine dining restaurant in Taipei, perhaps even the best at times.

We came in with high hopes as in recent years the chef at Paris 1930 has been taking his cuisine to new heights with creative presentations and ingredient pairings that work. Over all the truffle tasting was very good and memorable, albeit for one or two dishes that were a tad bit of a let down (The pigeon main course was a bit too raw and lacked any real flavors or texture). Pretty much every single dish had an element or taste of truffle and nearly every dish came with enough truffle shavings to satisfy the craving and expectations. One of my favorite dishes was the palate cleanser of Pine Broth and Truffle Ice Cream, which quite truly smelled and tasted and felt like I was transported to the forests of France hunting for the black truffles myself. The wagyu beef tongue dipped in black truffle fondue and the foie gras and black truffle tart were also delicious and struck a good balance between flavor and textures. Also the bread here is always delicious, and comes out hot and fresh out of the oven, paired with some aromatic French butter.

The service here is among the best in Taipei, where finding truly good classically trained butler like service is near impossible.

The interior here is a modern-chic take on a 1920s/1930s Midnight in Paris avant-garde look and feel, and definitely transports you to a dreamy era in the city of lights.

Simply put, another memorable and satisfying meal at Paris 1930. For that romantic, special occasion French fine dining experience, I say look no further than here.


The Meal:

The Menu
Weiqi: named after the presentation of the truffle cream filled dark and white chocolate pebbles in the form of Chinese Go (the game).
Amuse Bouche: Crispy duck skin with foie gras mouse and shaved truffle
Persimmon & Nippa Palm Salad
Wagyu Beef tongue, crisip, with Black Truffle fondue
Foie gras & Black Truffle Tart with osmanthus cordial
Pure White: cod fish, white fungus, lily, Calamondin
Nantou Pigeon, smoked in hay, quinoa, prune
Fig, brie, truffle honey
Palate cleanser: Pine broth with truffle ice cream
White Truffle Tiramisu
Mignardises, dark chocolate truffle ganache


Paris 1930:

Dinners daily 18:00-22:00

Lunch weekends only 12:00-14:30

750ml. wine and champagne corkage fee NT$1000 per bottle, 700ml liquors NT$2000 per bottle.

Table water NT$80+10%

Average meal: NT$2800-$3500 (USD$83-USD$104)

Seats 62, with two private dining rooms.

Note: They only accept guests of 8 years or older.


Bon Apetite,




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