Chinese American Chefs Connect with their Past; Why Tokyo is World’s Best Food City

Happy Lunar New Year of the Monkey!

I was recently catching up with some emails and read two short and simple articles on food. Particularly Chinese-American food and where the world’s food capital is according to chef David Chang (whose Momofuku Ko I found to be absolutely overrated and not good at all, but he is a man who I admire and respect, especially for what he has and is able to do with food, especially Asian cuisine in America).

Chinese-American Chefs Start a Culinary Conversation with the Past (New York Times)

“Chinese-American food — mostly Cantonese banquet dishes adjusted for long-outgrown American tastes — is so ingrained here that even Chinese-Americans have come to believe that it is closely related to “real” Chinese food, when in truth it is a very, very distant cousin.”

Why Tokyo is the World’s Best Food City (Lucky Peach)

Everything David Chang mentions in this article is so true. I have had some of the best French and Italian meals of my life in Japan. Japan has my favorite desserts and pastries and be it Michelin or street-food or vending machine or convenience store, everything in this country is delicious, sanitary, and uses top-notch ingredients. Nothing shady with a nation who values their food and culinary adventures almost more than anything else.


Happy Lunar New Year!


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