NY Times: Restaurants That Harness the Bounty of Taiwan

The New York times recently published this great article highlighting some of Taiwan’s excellent farm-to-table haute-cuisine restaurants that have really elevated Taipei’s dining experience as well as diversified its options.

“Taiwan offers possibilities for farm-to-table dining that don’t exist in Singapore and Hong Kong.” What an incredibly true statement.

There are five restaurants the article highlights, three of which I have dined at, two of which I have yet to dine at. I had enjoyable experiences at all three, Tairroir, Raw, and Mume, though for me personally Tairroir and Raw are definitely the standout. Will have to try Mr. Meat hot pot and Yen next time I return to Taipei. Another more under the radar place that uses local ingredients and inspirations for affordable French food is Ephernite.

But there are a few others that have less high-profile chef names and associations attached to them that I think achieve the same thing, and in some cases really elevate traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Toh-Ah and Mountain Sea House are examples of these.

Most of these require bookings far in advance, so get on it if you want to eat these truly revolutionary restaurants in Taipei.



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