Weekend Trip Series


Its been a while since I actually posted my own content as I’ve been busy settling in my new job and city and just havent fully gotten around to writing and posting.

Since starting my new job, I’ve spent many a weekends away on great trips. Coming up in the coming weeks is a catch up of a few posts on these trips. This “Weekend Trip Series” will be more focused on offering my itinerary of spontaneous weekend trips to various destinations. I’ll cover where I stayed, where I ate, what I did, some of the things to note for last minute weekend trips or layovers in these destinations and what I loved about them, because so far none have disappointed. In some case I will probably offer a quick personal thought.

I think the point of this series is more to offer a sample itinerary of what one can potentially do in 24 hours/ a weekend in a given city/ country rather than a full on review of the hotels and restaurants and sites I visited. I will try to include tips, notes, warnings or if some place was truly not good, I will be sure to mention it.

Ill update the below list with hyperlinks as I post each city/ country, and it is now my new goal to continue updating once I return from a trip, instead of slacking like I have been doing in the last 6 months.

But of course for the most up to date info, thoughts and pictures follow me on Instagram @gastronomictraveler and share your pictures with #gastronomictraveler

Barcelona, Spain

Quebec City, Canada

Granada, Nicaragua

St. Maarten (Netherlands side)

German Christmas Markets in Nuremberg, Dusseldorf and Dortmund

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Seoul, South Korea


Bogota, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lucerne (Luzern), Switzerland

Dakar, Senegal

Lisbon, Portugal

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Budapest, Hungary

Rome, Italy/ The Vatican City

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Panama City, Panama

Brussels, Belgium

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia

Mexico City, MexicoMexico City, Mexico

Montevideo, Uruguay

Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania

Bonire, Dutch Caribbean

Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile


Bon Voyage and Keep Exploring,


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