Weekend of Planes in St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles

[Weekend Trip Series]

In November 2016 I headed down to St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles. The airport is on the Dutch side of the island, and I stayed on this side as the main goal was to spend time at the world famous Maho Beach to geek out at the plane landings and takeoffs. Needless to say the beach was awesome and a dream come true. Now, there is more to do on the island than just casinos and the beach but my main purpose was to nerd out on the beach so thats what I did.

Getting around the island is fairly easy. Maho Beach and the equally famous Sunset Bar and Restaurant is walking distance from the airport or a decently priced taxi ride. To get further out and about the island its advisable to rent a car or have your hotel/ AirBnB arrange transport as the taxis can be slightly more pricey to places outside of the airport area.

I stayed at one of the most incredible AirBnBs Ive stayed at here. The host’s name is Steven and Paul, and the private room is listed as Room in villa with stunning view, located in Cole Bay. It was very affordable for a private room and even more so for a shared room. What made it awesome though were the views from the property and the infinity pool. My room opened right up to the infinity pool with views of the entire city of Philipsburg and the airport, allowing me to continue watching planes land and takeoff. As well as the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and the harbour.

  • Arrived St. Maarten airport around noon.
  • Taxi to Maho Beach and Sunset Bar, had lunch (food is tad pricey and quite average, but who cares, the views and the planes are what makes it amazing).
  • Spent a solid 2-3 hours just geeking out at planes arriving and taking off. It really is incredible, sadly I was a few weeks too late as the last 747 passenger service had ended. But standing behind the runway as a 757 and 737 and other planes roar for takeoff was just as thrilling, those jet blasts are no joke.
  • Took a taxi to my AirBnB.
  • Enjoyed the views, pool and all around relaxing on the property.
  • As night settled we realized there was some power cut in the hillside residential area so we were without power for a few hours. Thankfully the power came back just before bedtime, so I did have AC for the night.
  • Another guest and I drove down to the downtown area for a dinner at a very delicious restaurant called The Palms Restaurant, famous for their ribs, but I ordered the creole style curried shrimp with the owner’s grandma’s homemade naan, it was delicious. I also ordered homemade carrot cake for dessert, it was also amazingly delicious with exceptional cream cheese frosting.
  • Returned to AirBnB for a nice sleep.
  • Spent the morning relaxing on the property before having my host drop me off at Maho Beach and Sunset Bar again.
  • Lunch at Sunset again and once again took in the planes and views before my late afternoon departure back to Atlanta.

Below are the photos:

Short final at SXM airport flying over Maho Beach


Signs that everyone ignores
Currently the largest jet that flies to SXM, Air France A340-300


Rainbow with Delta plane
Curried Shrimp with fries and homemade naan, delicious
My incredible AirBnB
Coconut Shrimp at Sunset Bar
Fish Tacos at Sunset
One last shot before walking to the airport.


Happy flying!


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