Weekend in Quebec City, Canada

[Weekend Trip Series]

In early October 2016 I decided to head up to Quebec City, Canada to meet up with my mom and aunts as they prepared to board a Northeast cruise trip.

Multiple U.S. carriers fly nonstop flights to Quebec City from the Northeast, specifically the NYC area. I flew Delta from JFK to Quebec City, which arrives late at night and departs early early in the morning the next day. To and from the airport, I’d just take the taxi, because the rest of your time in the city itself will likely be mostly on foot, as its a very walkable city, albeit very hilly as well.

I opted to stay at Monastere de Augustines, a former convent next to the hospital, the convent itself houses a museum and is actually a significant part of Quebec City history. Part of the reason was nothing else was available, Quebec City hosts lots of cruise guests, and available rooms were all expensive, including those at the iconic Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. This hotel option turned out to be quite good. Single traditional room, converted from an actual nun’s room, modern and comfortable but very bare bones amenities with shared bathrooms (there are larger rooms with private bathrooms). It was peaceful and calm.

Being Quebec City and Canada, it was freezing already in October. But that didnt stop the hoards of cruise ship and tourists who flooded this historic, beautiful, quaint, French-colonial city.

Overall, I really enjoyed my short time in Quebec City. Its a very cute, quaint, friendly and yet historic city. Well worth a visit.

My 24 hours in Quebec City:

  • A basic, but tasty breakfast at the hotel.
  • Walked around town, and to Epicerie J.A. Moisan, which apparently is North America’s oldest grocery store. It was simply amazing. Felt nostalgic, and that I was transported back in time. Incredible array of jams, mustards, spices, meats, cheeses, and sweets, oh and of course Canadian Maple Syrup and maple products. After buying some mustards and syrup, I had some sweets and croissant with coffee in the cute little corner cafe at the store.
  • Continued on my walk through old-town (where most of everything is). Walked by the gorgeous Quebec Parliament Building, La Citadelle de Quebec, Place de Arms。 
  • Then enjoyed the panoramic views of the city, river and the landmark Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel.
  • Continued to walk downhill, instead of taking the Funicular down the hill. I eventually did take this famous part of Quebec City up and down the hill, its quite a pretty ride at night.
  • Came upon the Escalier Casse-Cou (Breakneck Steps), before walking down the steps to the very very quaint, village-esque street of Rue de Petit Champlain, home to many boutique shops and restaurants, and just a street that is eye-candy itself.
  • Had a second breakfast of Quebec Breakfast Poutine at Cochon Dingue Champlain. 
  • Walked down the street to the lower part of old town. Stopped by and took a peep into the Notre Dame-Des-Victories, and the beautiful La Fresque de Quebecois (The Quebec City mural/ fresco)
  • Walked around the city some more, and eventually met with the family for a traditional Quebecois country food lunch at Aux Anciens Canadiens, tried the famous Wild Meat Quebec meat pie, quite tasty.
  • We then continued walking around, exploring some shops, before taking a bit of a break before dinner.
  • Dinner at Restaurant Les Saint-Amour, a restaurant with both tasting and a la carte menu, consistently ranked among the best in the city and Canada, with a incredible wine-list. However, the food itself was only ok, with slightly sloppy service, not quite worth it.
  • Returned to my hotel for another peaceful monastic sleep before waking up way too early to get to the airport to return to the United States.

Below are the photos:

“Authentic” rooms at Monastere des Augustines
Exterior of the Monastery, hotel part is white, museum part on the left
Epicerie J.A. Moisan


Pain Aux Chocolate with Mile creme cake and coffee
Place de Arms
Fairmont Les Chateau Frontenac dominates Quebec City’s skyline
Breakneck Stairs and Rue de Petit Champlain
Quebec City Breakfast Poutine at Cochon Dunque: fried egg, hollandaise, onions and peppers, cheese curds and sausage.
Place Royale and the Eglise Notre-Dame des Victorires
Quebec City mural/fresco
Exterior of Aux Ancienc Canadiens for Quebecois homecooking
Quebecois game meat pie, quite delicious, not gamey at all.
Probably the best and most memorable dish at Restaurante les Saint-Amour, foie-gras three way, the foie-gras creme brulee was the best.


Bon Voyage!


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